10 most mysterious places of our planet

The Nazca Desert

On the plateau one of the driest deserts on the planet. what is in Peru caused a giant intricate drawings. On the area of thousands of square kilometers are depicted with straight lines, the outlines of strange creatures, geometric shapes, left from the ancient civilization of the Nazca Indians. The mystery of the deposited patterns is of the incomprehensibility of their purpose and method of application on surface. For millennia, they managed to remain intact owing to the arid climate. Line you have a good view from a plane or high elevation.

The Fortress Of Sacsayhuaman

This mysterious fortress is located near the Peruvian city of Cusco. She is one of the famous and great monuments of the Incas. Sacsayhuaman is built of massive stone blocks that weigh 40-50 tons. On its construction by the Incas left for at least a century. It is still unknown how the Indians transported is so heavy stones. There is a hypothesis that the Incas helped to build this fortress, the representatives of an alien civilization.

Machu Picchu

This tiny, but wonderful Peruvian town occupying only 12 square kilometers, literally suppresses its grandeur. Rising high above the ground and being so close to the sky, this sacred Inca city conceals many secrets. It’s incredible abrasionresistance survived until our days. The main mystery is why this wonderful city was abandoned shortly after its construction?


The Egyptian pyramids and the statue of the Sphinx impress with its grandeur and mystery. Just the thought that ancient people with primitive tools could build their admires. About these wonderful monuments can be a lot of listening and reading, but they still remain the biggest mystery of history.

Easter Island

This island is full of mysteries. But of particular interest are the monuments of Moai – a group of huge humanoid statues made of tuff. Scientists believe that they were carved the earliest inhabitants of Easter. Most likely, they represent the gods. It was found that initially were 887 statues. They are down to 394. The biggest of them weighs about 70 tons. The question of how they were transported to all corners of the Passover, remains open.


In Ireland stands a huge mound of quartz, clay and earth in the form of a hemisphere. It is surrounded by a ring of long stones – menhirs. Scientists believe that it is the Sun temple, erected for the performance of rituals. Every day his sacred truth trying to know a lot of tourists.

The Howick Falls

This is the most mystical place on the African continent. Howick falls from a height of 68 meters in the homonymous lake and is situated in the dense forest thickets on the territory of the Republic of South Africa. Local residents believe this waterfall is cursed and believe that there lives an evil spirit by the name of Incinema, having the body of a snake.

The goseck circle

This structure, researchers believe the earliest example of a primitive Observatory. He is in Germany and consists of several circular ditches and two palisade rings with gates in certain places. The circle was used for compiling the lunar calendar.


This is the main stone riddle of England, which has long raised many questions and confusing researchers. The building consists of 85 of the stone giants, some of which weigh over 40 tons. The whole structure sits majestically on the distant plain, windswept. Why she’s here for what and who is author unknown. However, scientists agreed that the construction has a deeper meaning.

Coral castle

In the American town of HOMESTEAD, in hot Florida, is an amazing architectural ensemble – the Coral castle. Walls, furniture. art – everything in it is carved from gray and coral moved into place, as if by magic. By conservative estimates, an army of builders would have needed several years to perform such a task. That is more surprising to learn that this castle was created by one man – Edward Leedskalnin. As he was able without assistance to commit such an engineering marvel mystery.

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