20 most mysterious places on earth

The researcher is of the world and its mysteries through Google Earth hiding under the name H21 (about himself, he indicated only that he was French, and his work is connected with medicine), asks the question: Where exactly are 20 of the greatest mysteries of all times and peoples. A selection of mysteries, of course have to leave on his conscience, but it is really interesting.

So, the list:

1 Treasure of Rennes le Chateau – the Treasure of Rennes-Le-château. This mystery connected with the knights Templar, the Holy Grail and other treasures of the middle Ages. Maybe all this nonsense owner of the local hotel, maybe not.

2 Nessi – The Loch Ness Monster. Probably everyone has heard about the Loch Ness monster, but few remember where the lake is.

3 Sea Serpent – Sea Serpents. A monster similar to Nessie, but living in salty waters. I doubt that you would meet him.

4 Yeti – the Yeti, or Bigfoot. Now it is known as the character of the eponymous computer game. He was seen by many and in different places, from the Himalayas to Karelia.

5 Bigfoot – “Bigfoot is virtually the same Bigfoot, only American. Well known shot of “Bigfoot”, which priznatelna, fake.

6 Bermuda triangle – the Bermuda triangle. A well known riddle, who nonetheless remains without a solution

7 The Man in The Iron Mask – the man in the iron mask. I like it had a chance to visit the castle, where he languished a prisoner in the iron mask. Strange place, although located on the French Riviera. Or Iron there were many Masks? Wikipedia writes that the mask was velvet… Sheer mystery!

8 Who was Kaspar Hauser ?- Who was Kaspar Hauser? Really, who is this? Europe in the nineteenth century and are unable to find out.

9 Devil’s Footprints – the Footprints of the Devil . The devil’s footprints is a name given to a peculiar phenomenon that occurred in Devon, England, in 1855: after a light snowfall, there were traces of hoofs, following a straight line more than 100 miles. Traces got this name because it is believed that the Devil is cloven hoof.

10 Who has killed JFK? – Who killed Kennedy? It really is a very big mystery, which I think is interesting to solve with the help of Google Earth. We will try to find a detailed reconstruction of events

11 Philadelphia Experiment – the Philadelphia experiment – the experiment, probably conducted by the Navy 28 October 1943, during which allegedly disappeared, and then instantly moved in space at several hundred kilometers of the destroyer “Aldridge” (U. S. S. Eldridge), with a team of 181 people. The assumption of the experiment is widely replicated. however, do not have official confirmation of the U.S. Navy.

12 Mary Celeste – “Maria Celeste” (“Mary Celeste”) — a ship abandoned by crew for unknown reason and was found December 4, 1872, 400 miles from Gibraltar, the ship “Dei Gracia” (Dei Gratia). A classic example of a Ghost ship� �.

13 The Moai of Easter Island – Stone idols (Moai) of Easter Island . A fairly well-known riddle, but it is sometimes useful to look at it in a new way. Personally, I never thought in what ocean is the island, it turned out that Quiet, but it always seemed to me that in the Atlantic and near the coast. And here and there…

14 Shroud of Turin is the shroud of Turin. Known a piece of cloth with image of Christ. It is believed that this is the very shroud in which his body was wrapped at burial.

15 Great pyramid of Giza – the Great pyramids of Giza. They saw many tourists who visited Egypt. And that’s one of the Wonders of the world (of which there is a separate KML-project)

16 Stonehenge – Stonehenge . Many imagine what he looks like, but not all are where it’s at. But this is quite close to London, only 130 km

17 Atlantis – Atlantis. Found out time and time again and will continue to seek and find again. Thanks to Google Earth.

18 Nazca lines – the Nazca Lines . If there’s one thing clearly visible from the satellite, so that these lines. Really clear who created them and for what purposes, does not add. Try it, roll the ball Google Earth, maybe you will discover something that is not noticed by others.

19 Tunguska explosion – the Tunguska meteorite . The events that happened over 100 years ago near the river Podkamennaya Tunguska, I think, really claim to be one of the greatest mysteries. There is wild and remote. even now.

20 Roswell event – Rozalski incident . From a meteorite to the aliens. “In 1947 alien spaceship crashed on a ranch near Rosewall, state of new Mexico. The government stated that it was a balloon, but is it?”, – reads the announcement of one of the films about this incident. Be that as it may, but the satellite photos while discreetly green men or we weren’t looking

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