A review about old town square


very interesting Gothic buildings, an overview from the top platform of the Town hall.



Today I want to write a review about Prague. And there is certainly enough to look at. City, I must say, just unusual – I mean, its historic places and buildings especially those built in the Gothic style.

Starting with his first sights, to which we proceeded with a tour review. This historic place of Prague called the old town square. It is situated in the heart of the historical area called Old town ( sounds nice ).

In ancient times this square was a huge market, then there are various celebrations and other important events, up to the executions ( well, not that – in those days were just crazy on executions ).

And now there is a constant swarm of tourists, crowds of travelers, and pratsy love to walk around there.

In the center of the square stands the monument to Jan HUS the famous preacher-reformer of his time, predecessor of Martin Luther. A national hero to the Czech people, Jan HUS was burned at the stake for their beliefs, refused to recant.

But the first thing that attracts attention when approaching the area,it’s sticking out the spires of the Church of the virgin Mary. This Gothic Church just attracts the eye over and over again. I would never even imagine could not, that such a building can be a Church. Interesting.

In Sunny weather a little brighter it still looks.

But when overcast, very grim view of this Church, even creepy. I would not, of course, to observe this view from the window. Anyway, to me personally.

It was built somewhere in the 14th century. And at the time was the main Church of the city.

Another attraction in this area, very eye-catching is City hall, also built in the Gothic style. It was built around the same time as the Church of the virgin Mary. In its upper part there is the astronomical clock.

What this tower is most interesting is the astronomical clock.

Every hour, when midnight, two little Windows on this clock appear the figures of the apostles, which gradually, one by one, pass by and disappear.

And every hour after midnight trumpeter from the observation balcony of the tower Toot into the tube.

Currently the Town hall houses a Museum. Even there is a separate room dedicated for ceremonial registration of marriages. Well and viewing platform at the top, where I actually photographed the back of the head of this master trumpeter. On this site it is possible to take the Elevator and walk up, which I did, because the Elevator was always busy. This is not the Mir castle with his ladder so that the legs then I was not sick.

Review items – they are always interesting, as it offers nice panoramic views.

Wherever you look almost everywhere the red roof. Stands out with its height, of them the temple and then the tower of the Charles bridge.

Generally, these types of Gothic remains the impression of some magic, of mystery. And for me, as I have not seen this, it was all new and unusual. So fans of Gothic historical beauty I can advise to go to Prague. But even for us this was only the beginning of the tour.

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