Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome is one of the greatest States of Antiquity. The state was in the territory of modern Italy. Rome was named after the founder — Romulus . It was famous for its customs, gladiatorial battles, the Colosseum, Emperors, etc.

The most interesting facts about Ancient Rome

Saturnalia — the great annual festival in Ancient Rome in honor of the God Saturn. These days, the slaves had some privileges, for example they could dine at the same Banquet table with the owner, and sometimes even the owners of slaves were laid on the table.

The Emperor Claudius is ridiculed because he did not have sexual relations with men. Said the one who has a relationship only with women, he becomes effeminate.

The image of the kiss after the wedding on the dishes

Kiss after the wedding came to us from Ancient Rome. But then a kiss was considered not just a beautiful tradition, and a kind of seal confirming the contract of marriage.

The phrase “return to native Penates” means “come back home”. This expression has gone from Ancient Rome, but to say we should a bit different “to return to their native Land” because the Land is the gods guardian of the home. In cardomom hung images of the Penates.

In Ancient Rome the Goddess Juno wore the title of “Coin” . which means “Counselor”. Next to the Church hosted the workshops where metal money was minted, so they are also called coins. Also from this word was a common English name of all the money “money”.

Sentria is Roman coins with the image of sexual intercourse. These coins were made specifically to pay them in brothels.

The Ancient Romans loved bloody spectacle, so bloody scene could be seen not only in gladiatorial combat, and even in conventional theaters. There, as a rule, the hero, who needs scripted to die at the last moment was replaced by sentenced to death, and killed him for real.

The Emperor Caligula once declared war on Neptune (God of Sea) and ordered to throw spears into the sea. He was also known was introduced to the Senate his horse.

Leap year was introduced by Julius Caesar .

In the Roman armies, the people lived in tents for 10 people. Each tent was the eldest, who was called Dean.

If the patient died during the operation, the doctor cut off their hands.

About 40% of the Roman population were slaves.

The Colosseum in Rome

The Colosseum was the largest arena and could accommodate over 200,000 spectators.

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