Ancient underground structures

Base preppers

Chapter 5. Shelters, underground shelter

The meaning of the word cache. Comes from the old Slavic “to bury”. Is used in two meanings:

1. Cache – hiding place for a long stay of people (bandits, partisans, gunmen, partisans), hiding from the authorities.

2. Cache – a secret store of weapons, ammunition, etc.

In the concept of the survivalist cache is meant as a secret for finding the add, and for storage of equipment, food, etc.

A cache may be arranged in any area, both below and above ground level. However, the maximum development of the caches, a underground. This is due to maximum secrecy.

In fact, even the dugout is the prototype of a cache. In ancient times Slavs lived in semi-subterranean dwellings, which served not only the house, but covert haven.

In the days of the old Russian state, the main form of dwelling was a dugout. Its construction began with digging a large square pit, pit depth of about one meter. Then along the walls of the pit began to build a frame, or wall of thick timbers reinforced dug into the ground by pillars. The frame rose from the ground too on the meter and the total height of the future homes with above-ground and podsemeistvo reached, thus 2-2. 5 meters. On the South side in the frame arranged entrance with earthen steps or ladder leading into the depths of the home. Putting a log cabin, made for the roof. Did gable, as in modern houses. Tightly covered boards, top put a layer of straw and then a thick layer of earth. The walls, towering above the ground, also covered removed from the pit with soil so that the outside and visible wooden structures. Earth filling helped to keep the house warm, detained water, protected from fires. The floor in the dugout was made of good protoptannoj clay, planks, however, are usually not made.

In fact, if we remember that the Earth has suffered Ice age, and comparing with the known data that the person many millions of years, it makes sense to wonder how people survive in extremely inhospitable conditions?

There is reason to believe that people survived, buried under the ground. And the science confirms this fact with the following findings:

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