Ancient wonders of the world or the great reconstruction

Probably everyone has heard about the seven wonders of the world. Unfortunately, at the moment there is only one miracle. There are objects very similar to the originals, but thanks to them we have an idea of how it looked or that wonder of the world. Below is interesting information about the wonders of the world that took place in the ancient world (especially in Ancient Rome and Greece).

The Pyramid Of Cheops

This is the only wonder of the world. which exists to this day. Despite the fact that we can see him now, we shall never know for certain what was the original appearance of the pyramid. There is information that the whole pyramid was covered with polished limestone tiles, making it shone under the hot Egyptian sun.

In 1300, the year of the earthquake fixing many of the tiles were affected, and later tiles were used for decoration of mosques.

The Ishtar Gate

The Ishtar gate was the eighth gate to the city of Babylon. They are part of the Babylonian wall. Part of the gate survived until the present time, and some have been restored. In 30-ies in Germany built amazingly similar replica of this gate.

The Temple Of Artemis

This temple was built in honor of the daughter of the Greek God Zeus (in Roman mythology – the goddess Diana). Grunerstrasse a few times, but eventually he was destroyed by the Goths, who subjected the temple of Artemis looting and further burning. Till our days remained only a column, which is with difficulty collected from the “remains”.

The statue of Zeus stood in the temple complex, which were dedicated to the Greek God Zeus. The statue was very heavy. There is a legend that Zeus could break through the roof if he raised from his throne. The statue was made of ivory and bronze, so its construction cost is very expensive .

The mausoleum of Halicarnassus

This mausoleum specially built for the Persian Governor Mausolus. It was after the construction of this beautiful building above-ground burial became known as the word “mausoleum”. Destroyed by earthquakes.

The Colossus Of Rhodes

It is noteworthy that the well-known Statue of Liberty was built like the colossus of Rhodes. In 226, the year BC as a result of the earthquake, the Colossus fell and lay for another 800 years, then was sold in parts.

The lighthouse of Alexandria

Was on the island of Pharos, served to lighten the vessels arrival in port. Destroyed in the earthquake.

Axumite obelisk

This little-known phenomenon of the world. The obelisk was established in Ethiopia, in order to indicate the place of burial.

The building was severely damaged in 1349, the year as a result of a powerful earthquake. Later its stones were demolished.

To this day, renovated baths – functioning historic building. The Roman baths built by the British king Bladud, and the Romans made their design changes.

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