Cyclops Polyphemus

Wanderings Of Ulysses

Arrived soon Odysseus and his companions in a wild country,

not knowing the truth of the Cyclops. These one-eyed giants live,

not knowing the work, not spahija plow the field and not sowing anything,

fat the earth itself gave birth without the sowing of rye, barley and wheat.

Cyclopes have no ships, and they did not know how to build them; but there was in the country a convenient landing, where they could moor ships.

Didn’t know Cyclops of the people; they dwelt in dark caves, in the mountains.

Near the land there was a small desert and wild island, it was known for the wild goats, grew in abundance the vine.

With Islands in the sea fell into a spring that flowed from mountain caves, around which grew a poplar. In this comfortable Gulf entered Odysseus with the ships, showed the way to them the good, the demon is not the light in the sky while the moon, hidden by thick clouds, and the island it was difficult to distinguish in the darkness.

Bailiff to the shore, the sailors turned the sails and slept soundly.

When EOS purple rose in the sky, they walked around the desolate island blossomed and looked at him with surprise. Mariners noticed herds of mountain goats, which sent them good nymphs for food. Taking flexible accurate hunting bows and spears, they began to hunt the goats, and great luck was against them on this hunt, for all of the twelve ships they had enough food for nine goats went to each of them. Day ate the companions of Ulysses vkusnyashek, washing it down with sweet wine.

They saw during the feast in the land of the Cyclops thick smoke, and heard their voices, the bleating of goats and sheep. At that time it was already dark, and all fell asleep.

When morning came, Odysseus summoned his companions to the Council and said to them:

You, faithful companions, stay here without me, and I with my ship and people will go to learn what the people here inhabit.

And Odysseus sailed on a ship to the land of the Cyclops.

Approaching the shore, they saw the sea covered with Laurel cave, and in front of her was a courtyard, fenced in by rough-hewn stone, and there were growing pines and oaks. Dwelt in the cave of a wild-looking giant of gigantic stature, his name was Polyphemus; he was the son of Poseidon and nymph Choosy. He was herding goats and sheep on the mountains, lived alone and was not like the man, but rather resembled the forested top of the mountain.

Odysseus went, taking with him twelve brave and reliable companions to the cave and left the other to guard the ship. Took the Odyssey on the road a little food and a skin precious sweet wine.

When Odysseus approached the cave in her at the time, no one was there — the Cyclops wasn’t home, he grazed in a meadow of their goats and sheep.

Joined Odysseus and his companions into a large cave and began with wonder to look at. Stood in corners hidden goats and young sheep, sheep, and lots of cheese was hidden in reed baskets; there were vats and bowls full of sour milk.

Wanted to the companions of Odysseus to bring him more cheese, sheep and lambs, and then quickly returning to their ships and go on. But Odysseus wanted to first look at Cyclops and receive from him the gifts. And they threw in the cave the fire, sufficiently. cheese and satisfied its hunger and began to wait for the return of Cyclops.

Cyclops Polyphemus

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