Don discovered at Stonehenge

Don found the oldest crystal oscillator

A sensational find was made by local historian Alexander Ludlow. Near the hamlet Savrov in the area of the Aksay river valley he found the huge stones, which scientists call the megaliths. In the European part Russia happens for the first time. Earlier megalithic structures on the territory of our country were found only in areas of Siberia and the Caucasus.

About valley of rocks local historian said the workers who repaired farm near the electric substation.

– I went to local residents, – says Alexander Ludlow and the first farmer said, “Looking for big stones? How much you need, so be it!”

The villagers believe the valley of stones a bad place at all times people tried to settle away from her, but hold back the expedition refused.

– We opened this picture: an area of over one square kilometer in a strict geometric manner are giant boulders, says Ludlow. – Some are in strunecka from East to West, the other in a circle, and is a rare location of megaliths around the perimeter of the square. Such fragments of stone galleries are also called “bed of giants.”

Scientists have determined that don menhirs (unpolished posts)- stones, standing vertically from quartzite. How were brought here huge quartz boulders in those days, remains a mystery, since the nearest deposits of quartz are found at a distance of over 200 kilometres from Savrova. Geological examination showed that the age of this archaeological monument not less than seven thousand years and, therefore, don alley of menhirs are much older than similar structures in England and France, which are dated to the late Neolithic and early bronze age (end III – first half of II Millennium BC). Even the world famous Stonehenge inferior stone structures found on the Bank of the river Axani.

– Our discovery of the oldest known megalithic structures can completely turn the idea of historians and archaeologists on the development of human civilization, believes the Ludlow. – There are many hypotheses that attempt to explain why the ancients set these huge stones. For example, Oxford researchers argue that the megaliths of quartzite under certain conditions, is able to emit a powerful ultrasonic signal, and, if the ancients knew about this, it turns out, they created a crystal oscillator.

Who were addressed from the forefather of a radio transmitter and a computer, whether singing the don Stonehenge now, after what you did to this people and time, scientists and historians will find out during the next expedition.

Love Boguslavskaya, candidate of historical Sciences :

– Hypotheses for the origin and purpose of the megaliths is really a lot. The most plausible – they had a cult character, but this does not exclude other versions. Megalithic structures, found in the valley of the Aksay river, is a large archaeological luck. But even now the degree of their preservation is assessed as very low. Wind and solar erosion, anthropological factor – all this has caused irreparable damage. For centuries people used menhirs in their needs. In this area there are even machined them millstones. To preserve the ancient structures, the necessary assistance from the state.

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