Excursions in Valencia

Excursions in Valencia

Sightseeing Tour around Valencia

Valencia is a charming city in Spain, capital of the homonymous Autonomous region, to have survived to our days rich history, preserved in the legends and monuments of art. In Valencia one civilization came to replace another, contributing to its cultural development. Today it is almost a very beautiful city lying in the heart of a vast fertile valley.

Sightseeing tour around Valencia will briefly introduce You to the main sights of the ancient city. Walking tour through the historic center of the city with a visit to the Bullring “Plaza de Torros”, the famous tower of the fortress wall of the XV Torre de Serrano, is the most important military Gothic gates in Europe, the street Groove and its modernist buildings.

North railway station, a modernist, Valencian Museum of illustration and modernity, tower “quart” – one of the gates of the old fortress walls of the city, the Valencian Institute of modern art. Will not pass by and the Cathedral (XIII-XIV centuries) – one of the earliest Gothic cathedrals of Spain. Before Apostoliki the gate once a week, on Thursday, at noon, gather members of the so-called “Water Tribunal”. It is the oldest judicial institution in Europe and distributes the water used for irrigation of the valley. In conclusion, you can visit the Souvenir shops of the city.

Panoramic tour around Valencia

The number of ancient and modern attractions Valencia can be put on a par with Madrid and Barcelona. A full city tour will start with the most famous sights of the city: the Palace of the Opera Princess Sophia, the Museum of Prince Felipe is the first Museum in the world dedicated to the science of the XXI century (Hemisferic is a likeness of the human eye, but inside there is a cinema with a giant concave screen of 900 m2, the Aquarium is the largest marine Park of Europe, representing obitaley from all the oceans of the world.

Next, the tour continues through the historic center of the city. You will visit the market colon is one of the masterpieces of modernism in the city, Bullring, North railway station, a modernist, Valencian Museum of illustration and modernity, quart tower (one of the gates of the old fortress walls of the city), the Valencian Institute of modern art, the tower of the “Serranos” (the most important military Gothic gates in Europe), street Groove with its modernist buildings. You will see the magnificent Gothic Cathedral, the stock Exchange – Gothic building is a listed heritage of mankind, Plaza of city Hall, the building of the Telegraph and many stalls for selling flowers.

After a hearty lunch in a restaurant typical Valencian cuisine You will continue your acquaintance with Valencia. Visit the Palace of the Generalitat is one of the most outstanding civil Gothic buildings in Spain and is today the headquarters of the Valencian government; the Cathedral is in the Gothic style, where you should pay attention on the altar, decorated Fernando Yanes de La Almedina, a disciple of Leonardo Da Vinci, the chapel of St. Grail, and the chapel of San Francisco de Borja, with the works of Francisco Goya.

After the inspection, “Miguelete” – the bell tower next to the Cathedral, You will visit the Basilica of the patron of the city “Desamparados”, built in Baroque style.

The Museums Of Valencia

4 hours (visit two museums of your choice)

The Bullring in Valencia (1859) and a Museum that displays the stages of the corrida and its most famous representatives. In the Museum visitors watching video about corrida and walk around the arena for the bullfight.

M USA Fallas – this Museum has preserved all the statues of papier-mache, which won this holiday since 1934 in the Museum you can also see pictures and paintings that illustrate the history of this famous Valencian festival.

A visit to the city of porcelain lladró . During the visit can see the process of making the famous porcelain Lladro dynasty, known throughout the world, to visit the porcelain Museum and art gallery (with works by El Greco, Zurbarán, Rivera, Sorolla).

The Ceramics Museum Gonzalez Marti is housed in the Palace of the “marqués de DOS Aguas”, built in Baroque style. When you visit you can see the life of the Marquis lived here, surviving to see the carriage and the typical antique kitchen. Here are the best instances of Valencian ceramics since the fourteenth century. The Museum also has Chinese and Japanese exhibits, painted by Picasso.

The Museum of fine arts “San PIO” is located in the Palace in the Baroque style, is considered the second largest Museum after the Prado in importance to the exhibition, you should look at the collection of primitive Gothic and paintings by Ribalta, Rivera, Pinata, El Greco, Velazquez, Goya, Murillo.

Valencian Institute of modern art (IVAM) is one of the most famous Spanish museums of modern times. Along with collections of Julio gonzález and Pinazo You will get acquainted with temporary exhibitions of photography.

Tour “the Romans and the Moors”

Tour exploring the amazing ancient architecture of various eras. The tour begins with a visit to Morella, an amazing city declared UNESCO heritage of mankind. The city-fortress is a unique fortification, the construction of which in different centuries have invested their contribution the Romans, Moors and Visigoths. Morella castle was once built by the Arabs, and then, after numerous destructions, rebuilt by the Spanish rulers. The monastery on the grounds of the castle is interesting for its unique mural, which depicts the dance of death. The castle often are costumed performances and carnivals.

Tour in Morella often choose foodies. This town preserves a number of unique traditions of making cheeses, sausages, olive oils and all kinds vegetable snacks. Particularly noteworthy are dishes of fish, rice and local artichokes. Then the tour continues with a walk through the historic center of the city and a visit to the Basilica. The continuation is waiting for You in the town of Peniscola – the Spa capital of “the coast of orange blossoms”. City tour begins with a visit to tamilarasi founded by the famous knights one of the most famous castles of Spain – the citadel with the telling name of El Macho. In my time in this castle to escape the persecutions of the Inquisition, hiding the famous religious figure of the middle ages – Pope Benedict XIII (Benedict XIII), better known as Papa Luna. Upon return, a visit to the theme Park, Museum of olive oil.

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