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Review: the Dolmens of Gelendzhik (Russia, Gelendzhik) – Mysterious structures or houses for dwarfs.


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While on vacation in Arkhipo-Osipovka we faced the vagaries of weather and the dirty sea , and to leave a good impression about the sea, we went to spend the rest of my vacation in a Wide ravine, where we were greeted by the gentle, clear waters and magnificent mountain air . On the way we decided to visit the attractions of Gelendzhik dolmens, which are located in the vicinity of the village Pshada. Dolmen translated from the Celtic language means – the stone table. The Celts – an ancient people who lived on the territory of modern France. French scientists first discovered these buildings in the 18th century, the dolmens are also found on the sea coasts of England, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Spain and other countries. Since then, the word dolmen has become international. In the vicinities of Gelendzhik there are approximately 120 dolmens. Revealed Gelendzhik dolmens French traveler, Young de Marigny, the question is, what the Russians were busy, I would like to believe that something was opened in France.

As you can see the origin of dolmens goes somecompany in the distant past. Dolmens are megalithic structures, which include the monuments of the past: the Egyptian Piramide and English stone Henges. But if last more or less, something is known about the dolmens practically nothing. There is a lot of speculation and legend: they were needed for communication of living people with the spirits of the dead for burial, for meditation. But I’m most liking the legend according to which the dolmens were intended for the accommodation of dwarfs; in ancient times there lived giants and dwarfs, the dwarfs cunning and deceit forced the giants to build houses. Why not a cute story.

This is the entrance to the territory of location of the monument of archeologii, there is a Parking lot.

On-site Parking, in addition to the dolmens are located in the exhibitions, a café, a honey house, organized excursions, Souvenirs for sale.

The dolmens remind me of a big bee hive, and here is another legend about the big bees that bring the honey for the giants.

On wall paintings shows the life of ancient people I. today’s children.

The territory is big enough, we even are unable to bypass it completely, because some of the dolmens I had to go down low to the river.

Probably our contemporaries invented for each dolmen its name, which brings to its possessor the qualities inherent in him, and to do this you need only to buy a souvenir with the image of a dolmen, and you will be happiness, luck, love.

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