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Structures of unknown purpose and unknown origin.

Satellite imagery was used in different places of the Mediterranean visible structure of coastal structures.

Facilities, usually located at the mouth of the river and consists of many branched and closed channels. They communicated among themselves and with separate small locks. I.e. open water communication between no. It looks like a branched network of boat docks, but not the berths. Since there is no message on the open water. The width of the channels as the width of the separation shaft, varies, but one of the order of from 5 to 30 meters. Facilities are very old. Remind system of drainage, but there is not the land, namely ramparts. In the system of draining the land is broad and the channels narrow, rather even ditches. And no irrigation system.

Italy. The surroundings of Venice and the island of Albarella.

Ibid. The view from the surface.

Italy. The Surroundings Of Comaco. Laguna Valle Campo.

Ibid. From the height of bird flight.

In the same lagoon.

Just to the North. Alberoni Neighborhood. The same structure, but has long dried up and turned into a beautiful garden Golf club.

Golf club on the island with a bird’s eye view.

Perennemente the West coast of Europe. Here, at the mouths of large rivers are also found similar structures.

Spain. Surroundings Of Cadiz. Here you can understand the structure of such structures.

In the area of Cadiz such structures actually weight, that’s just not a very large piece.

Just to the North, at the mouth of the river Rio Tinto also have similar structures. Photos of these objects from the surface a little, and those that have, basically convey the beauty of a sunset or the local animals and they did not notice the nuances of estuarine structures.

But here in this photo you will see the remains of the water gate :

And this is the structures themselves:

In different places of their appearance is slightly different. But many of them silted or even the SEL and represent mallapragada swampy territory called the Spanish Marismas marshes.


And here – you can even take a look at the life of medieval inhabitants of such areas. but the structures themselves only flashed a couple of times.

Local residents have long been altered some of these facilities in the salt works under the open sky. But it is the mess, in satellite images it is clearly visible. The different structure of the salt works, improved. On-site network rare dilapidated houses, called by the inhabitants of the old salt-works. Apparently these cabins are dwelling staff. Judging from the small number of buildings constructed network were not related neither to production, nor to rural.

Casa salinera:

Another “Casa”:

And here are salt works:

Salivary at work:

Some of the center seats is equipped with an advanced drainage system, which was originally an order of magnitude simpler.

But the name “salt works” were fixed and all local, not sophistry, called “Salinas,” but more often “Marismas”.

If we move further North, wellhead facilities meet up to France inclusive.

But now, in the mouth of the river Gironde on top of ancient buildings and next to them there are not so ancient, but so deserted.

These structures have a completely different structure:

Estuary ler (Leyre):

But they look so abandoned. And next in the mouths of large rivers are now only such structures.

The mouth of the canche river (Canche):

The mouth of the river oti (Authie):

The mouth of the canche river is the last place in the North, where there are these structures. Further, nothing like that.

If we go South, we go to Africa. In Africa the river of such width that occur more rarely, but nevertheless.

Morocco. Near Larache (Larache):

Here they are called salt marshes (Marais Salants):

Salt marshes from the height of bird’s flight:

Morocco. OLE-Burial (Ouled Berjal) here such structures had long since dried up and left only faint traces:

Morocco. Near the town Lakhrachefa (Likhacheva?) General appearance:

There is no river, leaving only the mouth with its facilities, which ugadat quite dried up:

Some of them have been converted into salt works – this is clearly seen on the satellite images. This required to split covered and shallow channel into several sections for ease of handling.

The depth that was in TV from the very beginning, hardly allowed to use them as the salt works:

Near a Moroccan Medina:

And near El Jadida on the territory covered, shallow and dry mouth structures have any great Park, where he built the Golf club.

And not just any, but the Royal:

To the South of Morocco wellhead facilities no longer meet.

Still I do not understand the purpose of these estuarine structures. Although I guess I know who built them, and possibly even when.

However, versions welcome any and without time limitation.

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