In China on the lake bottom were discovered the ancient pyramids

About 17 people, including researchers from Russia, are carrying out an expedition in the Chinese province of Yunnan in the area of Alpine lake Fuxian Hu (the height of 1750 m above sea level). The aim of the expedition is the search for nearly two-hundred-meter depth strange formations resembling pyramids. From the Chinese side the expedition was organized by the archaeological group 722 Komenskeho University, a diving centre Dive and Disport underwater archaeologist Bao Ling, with Russian divers Leonid Gavrilov and Eugen Spiridonov.

Chinese archaeologists did not have the capability to reach such great depths, and lift out the evidence of human activity. However, according to the information received, pyramidal objects are “only” 50-meter depth.

On April 12 lasted 10 days underwater research expedition was successfully completed. Leonid Gavrilov talked about some of the details of the expedition.

— The first observations of the city were made by the archaeologist Whether Coursenum, teacher Dr. Bao Ling. Then using the dive centre they are asked to find technical divers, capable of diving to a depth of over 50 meters. In Kunene there are no specialists of such qualifications and experience. We spent the dive, trained Chinese colleagues with the minimum knowledge in this area, shoot the upper part of the pyramid, found new places to dive and study, explored the island postregister, gave an expert opinion to further underwater research, conducted meritocratically the study area around the lake, took samples from the lake and pyramids for further exploration geologists in Moscow.

The photos of the treated stone blocks are visible figures, similar to the human ear. According to sonar several times received three-dimensional scanned images of blocks of large dimensions.

The architecture of the pyramids is close to the Mayan culture, the size of the blocks, rather, to the pyramids of the Egyptian Giza plateau – this data is supported by our Chinese colleagues, – says Leonid Gavrilov.

“What we found in freshwater lake pyramid with a height of over 40 meters is really amazing. This new wonder of the world – our common world heritage, preserved through the water, and absorbed water.

In Fuxian Hu lake, Yunnan province is home to ancient, unexplored pyramids. The area surveyed ancient buildings exceeds the amount of the capital of the Han era. The city is not mentioned in any known Chinese archives or ancient texts. Mentioned, and the missing Chinese city of Sanya could be made of wood and clay, we find the same designs are classic megalithic structures, the excessive difficulty and complexity of drawings of Egyptian megaliths.

They have survived almost intact, and unchanged by time or man. The upper part of one of the screened of the three pyramids located at a depth of about 54 meters, bottom – 97. The photos of the treated stone blocks are visible figures, similar to the human ear. According to sonar we have several times scanned three-dimensional echogram blocks ranging in size from 3 to 5 meters.

As we expected the lake Fuxian Hu– tectonic origin. Approximate, very approximate age of once-ground structures – from 5000 to 12000 BC. The lake studied by one percent of its area. Width up to 7 kilometers, the length is over 30 km, its depth reaches 180 meters.

Based on our underwater research, study materials, conducting ethnographic, and videoscleavage we compared it with the data of the sonar, side scan sonar review, courtesy of Chinese specialists, and can make the following conclusions:

* Facilities were located at altitudes higher elevations. Around this ancient complex was an ancient lake. Its depth does not exceed 30 meters. Impact events, earthquakes, or one after the other except the huge rainfall has caused irreversible changes and movements in the Earth’s crust. And the town built a natural geological fault, the lake of tectonic origin – was doomed.

* The building was built on a tectonic break. The top of one of the once mountains is examined the island in the middle of the lake.

* The earthquake destroyed the ancient city. The first earthquake damaged the weak structure, and further processes(abnormal rainfall, earthquakes and temperature change) most likely forced people to leave this place. Subsequent events of Flood and the movement of tectonic plates has completed the process of preserving this wonder of the world. 5 cm per year down is the dynamics of the deepening of the lake at the moment according to Chinese geologists. The maximum depth of the lake at the moment is 180 meters. The bottom of the lake consists of stone, mainly limestone, the transparency of water in good conditions up to 15 meters.

* Preliminary findings conduct additional ethnographic studies suggest the hypothesis of the existence of a unique hotbed of culture, it is around the lake Fuxian.

* Further studies of a lake is possible only in an integrated approach. In our opinion, the lake is very unsafe to explore means of technical diving. In addition to long work permits, skazalai and conditions of altitude, temperature and visibility – secure is hard to do, but possible. The height of 2 km when diving was more than real – all members of the expedition, even “local” team divers appeared dizziness, nausea and tingling in the fingers. The doctor of the expedition it was decided to move the camp at a lower altitude, in the city of Kunming overland tour. At the moment, the life and health of participants of the expedition is not in danger.

* Chinese colleagues for further research would be well advised to go through the organization undersea laboratory on the example of the Russian Blue lake, or such research as the submarine MIDI class “Sadko” SPC “ruby”.

* The place, the lake Fuxian – unique. Chinese archaeologists rightly not correlate these structures with the Chinese architectrural and Chinese cemeteries. That’s a completely honest approach. Most Chinese archaeologists date the structure from 5,000 to 13,000 years BC. Some refer to the era of Han – but this is clearly not an objective approach. The exact answer and the final verdict will give researches of the Russian geologists on the basis of the received samples.

Unfortunately, Chinese archaeologists are unable to pass all the sonar of the lake, measuring only 3 square kilometers. This, of course, is not enough. The lake itself is truly a storehouse if to see it with such visibility. For lake visibility is 15 meters is just unique: it is with stony bottom, sometimes sand… Therefore, we need further studies need continue to watch, adds Russian researcher.

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