In China there is a mysterious ancient structure

In the Chinese province of Qinghai mountain Baigong-Shang, which is not a joke to stir the minds of historians and researchers of paranormal phenomena.

The fact that one of the mountain slopes there is a pyramidal structure, very similar to an artificial origin — the building is literally Packed with metal pipes, imprinted in the rock.

According to some researchers, the age of the pipes is so great that, most likely, the pyramid was not created by people at the time simply did not have the technology necessary to accomplish this project.

The local organization of the “Atlas Obscura”, involved in the search and a description of the extraordinary cultural and natural sites, believes that the pyramid could raise an alien.

“The diameter of the hollow tube varies from a few millimeters to 40 cm, and they are located not randomly, but in a certain order. The metal tube penetrate into the rock deep enough so as not to be evident. Inhabiting this area, the nomads hardly possessed such a developed metallurgical skills, so the pyramid is not their doing, most likely, then stepped some of the more developed civilization”.

Although,if you take into account the recent research findings of scientists involved in this matter.

According to their forecasts, “rusty metal pipe” — not that other, as fossils of roots.

Millions of years ago tree roots sank deep into the Earth, under the influence of natural phenomena, where the sand is under the influence of pressure and temperature over thousands of years turned to rock. After a time, when the next redistribution of the earth’s crust, this breed was again on the surface. All surviving artifacts of the distant past, in appearance and properties resembling rusty metal tube.

By the way, researchers have already found confirmation of this theory in the material making up the “pipe” discovered organic matter and even the remains of the annual tree rings.

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