Travel notes the abode of the gods or unknown Hierapolis

The abode of the gods, or Hierapolis,

about which we know nothing!

Travel notes

Part 1

The mystery of Pamukkale excursion to Wonderland

Giant polished blocks, perfectly fitted together without fixing solution, the polygonal masonry, cyclopean buildings, amazing arches and pillars, sarcophagi, jewelry and carved out of solid rock – all this I managed to see not far in Mexico, Peru or Egypt, and almost by our side, in Sunny Turkey! It would seem that this country has long been well-known. Continue reading

Feedback about the Dolmens of Gelendzhik

Review: the Dolmens of Gelendzhik (Russia, Gelendzhik) – Mysterious structures or houses for dwarfs.


Cognitive excursion, fascinating legends and beautiful places


Not all vacationers are urns

While on vacation in Arkhipo-Osipovka we faced the vagaries of weather and the dirty sea , and to leave a good impression about the sea, we went to spend the rest of my vacation in a Wide ravine, where we were greeted by the gentle, clear waters and magnificent mountain air . On the way we decided to visit the attractions of Gelendzhik dolmens, which are located in the vicinity of the village Pshada. Continue reading

Excursions in Valencia

Excursions in Valencia

Sightseeing Tour around Valencia

Valencia is a charming city in Spain, capital of the homonymous Autonomous region, to have survived to our days rich history, preserved in the legends and monuments of art. In Valencia one civilization came to replace another, contributing to its cultural development. Today it is almost a very beautiful city lying in the heart of a vast fertile valley.

Sightseeing tour around Valencia will briefly introduce You to the main sights of the ancient city. Walking tour through the historic center of the city with a visit to the Bullring “Plaza de Torros”, the famous tower of the fortress wall of the XV Torre de Serrano, is the most important military Gothic gates in Europe, the street Groove and its modernist buildings. Continue reading

New mosque
The planned building will have elements of the demolished Cathedral shrines Demolished at the end of last week on the prospect Mira mosque, will be rebuilt. It has already received…

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Music of Gothic cathedrals and castles to sound in Togliatti
3 December in Togliatti Philharmonic concert - opening! This evening will perform a medieval music ensemble "FLOS FLORUM" with "Gothic arces ": music of Gothic cathedrals and castles". "Flower of…

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British archaeologists are sensational excavations at Stonehenge
Archaeologists know that this ancient monument was built in several stages between 3000 BC to 1600 BC, But why? Disputes are very long, and consensus scientists have not yet reached…

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