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For many centuries one of the most interesting places and attractions in the UK remains of an old stone structure called Stonehenge . strikes imagination with its grandeur and mystery. Unusual design of Sarsenovich from multi-ton boulders, the highest of which reaches more than seven meters in height, dominates the minds of many scientists and researchers. Still no one knows who, why and, most importantly, how they erected this gigantic monument?

Based on the findings of recent studies, we can conclude that this building was built in the beginning of the third Millennium BC. Although until recently it was believed that this monument was slightly younger than the famous Egyptian pyramids. But as it turns out, Stonehenge is far more not less mysterious constructions of Ancient Egypt.

Stonehenge is in southern England, in the County of Wiltshire, about 130 miles from London, near the city of Salisbury. The whole structure is surrounded by a ditch and a small embankment, with a diameter of approximately a hundred meters. To the center, where is Stonehenge, accessible by a small alley, the first of which is the monolith of the Heel. And just before the entrance to the Central building is the sacrificial stone. In the centre of Stonehenge is the Altar stone, which weighs six tons. It is enclosed in construction in videography, consisting of five trilithons, of which have a weight up to fifty tons and height of nine meters. Followed by a ring of 49 small boulders. And completes the structure of the ring, but from thirty huge stones to a height of approximately four meters, which are not less massive lateral blocks of stone.

The puzzle and mystery of Stonehenge justtour/dostoprimechatelnosti/15-stounhendzh-zagadka-iz-kamney attract many people to this day. And not only scientists and researchers. For ordinary people are organized special trips. Disappointing only that the last thirty years tourists inside buildings is not allowed, and the area of Stonehenge is fenced with a special grid. Alas, this splendor can be admired only from a considerable distance. The cost of an eight-hour tour, during which in addition, you have an opportunity to hear ancient legends of Stonehenge and to visit the picturesque city of bath is approximately 115 euros.

Clearly, for any traveler Stonehenge in the UK is of great interest. Those who have been to England, but did not visit this ancient and mysterious place, lost a lot. Stonehenge is undoubtedly one of the most monumental and magnificent monuments of antiquity.

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