The abnormal area of the Ulyanovsk region

Ulyanovsk region:

Wells melted

Sengela (prodigal);

The Ulyanovsk Hippodrome (the UFO sightings);

“Ungerska bald” (Ulyanovsk fall);

as well as: JSC “Aviastar” (place of manufacture unconventional LA disc-shaped Thermoplan);

from the Encyclopedia of marvels, mysteries and secrets:

SENGILEY is a small town in the Ulyanovsk region, which is one of naziemnych roads is a strange anomalous zone. When it sometimes it’s getting foggy, all the locals know to go beyond about 300 m section of the fog is impossible: the traveler will return to the starting point, though, is on which has no branches straight road. Knowing the insidious properties of the terrain, the people and not trying to find a way out, and wait till the fog clears.

Parapsychologists argue, in these places inhabited by bludni – restless souls of the dead in the woods and not buried according to the Church ritual suicide, innocent victims and even soldiers killed on the battlefield. Similar cases from time to time fixed by them in different countries of the world, especially in places where there were fierce battles with lots of casualties. Phantom warriors or bloody as a rule, harmless, and fear them not worth it. But you need to remember that a Ghost can pull into the unknown adventurer who tries to pursue him.

Legends and village of Olovo :

Despite the abundance of anomalous phenomena,which hardly does a day occur in the vicinity of the village Olovo Inzensky district, to investigate these mysterious places no one else has started. Local residents still remember everything that occurs in their native village, which stands in a dense forest and it looks like a picture from a fairy tale.

The trail of the giant

Near the village there is a huge pit, to the bottom which didn’t get nobody. Locals believe that in ancient times there fell a great meteor that left a trail. The failure of think it a bad choice. Themselves lowcy don’t come here and kids are not allowed. It is said that the brave souls who wish to look into the pit, missing.

The same bad reputation stuck for Moss bog. According to old-timers, this bog at least five thousand years. With its appearance it impresses the most seasoned people. It was as if some giant has thrown in our forests a large piece of tundra with dwarf trees, lush otherworldly thickets of moss and cranberries. From the swamp one use: in autumn people gather cranberries buckets. On this fun ends and mysticism begins.

According to legend, in the middle of the 19th century the knife of a robber killed in the swamp monk. The body drowned in the bog, and bury in the Orthodox manner of a monk couldn’t. Since then his restless soul cannot settle down and hovers above the swamp. Bored with her lonely, so she likes to goof on people, often confusing them. They say that moss swamp sucked a nature lover. Goes – goes with the berries on it and suddenly loses a path. In search of her stray to the bog, which extends to INSI, there and drowns.

Smelly pits

About three round hole, located in the local forest, known by all lowzy, from small to large. Hidden from prying eyes impassable thickets, they brim with stinking water. Nasty smell of hydrogen sulfide and knocks down. Pits have the correct form so that it seems as if they drew on the ground huge divider, and then filled with rotten water.

According to legend, several thousand years ago, here fell from the sky three hot stone, breaking holes in the earth’s surface. So there was “smelly pits”. But why are they so perfect form and why the water never dries up, – nobody knows. The locals consider the “skunk” bottomless. Some argue that these pits are filled with healing waters from underground springs so the water in them never wanes, even in the driest summer.

There are daredevils who are not afraid to dive and swim in the smelly water. Some swimming brings great relief in the disease, but fortunate try not to talk about luck. Doctor local TB dispensary once the healing water was sent for analysis to Moscow. They say she was found healing. But advised to observe in the use of caution, noting that the pit does not interfere with a good clean.

However “Smelly hospital”, and all the wonders of nature in Ulova, was surly. To clean them, and tried the inhabitants, no one has succeeded.

Places for strangers no

Visiting local places don’t like. Not so long ago in the picturesque Ulovo, beautiful is not in the area, decided to settle down for a residency, the artist and her husband. People from North the couple, built on a green hill a big red brick house. When building a roof and it remained for interior decoration, in the previously close-knit family came the terrible scandal. It ended in divorce.

Main area :

To the West of Circaea is one of the most amazing places main area — “the valley of Edeleva”. In 1653 here, on the banks of the river with the biblical name of Ierusalimka (for some reason renamed Rusalenko), were granted land seven Mordovian murzas adopted “sovereign’s service”.

Soon most of the land remained one of them — Prince A. P. Edeleva who founded the village. His son I. A. Edelev built in the years 1729-1737 wooden Church of the apostles Peter and Paul, and the village became a village of SS — “Edeleva identity”. Among its owners were later flashed many noble names: Teryaeva, Ushakov, winter, Gersau, Bervi, Karcz-Karchevsky. In 1895 in the village instead of the previous wooden Church was built a new stone. It was designed by a talented architect Simbirsk, V. L., Ivanovskaya. This Church is arguably one of his best works.

In 1922, according to the main local historian Vladimir Vorobiev, in the village were created Association of farmers “Perfection”. Having existed for several decades, the farm fell into disrepair, and the village moved into the category of “endangered” and disappeared.

Now deserted plain animates only the lonely Peter and Paul temple but the remains of the old Park, and with the inhabitants of the former Yedelev you can meet only at the village churchyard. According to rumors, based on the dark tales and testimonies of unidentified “witnesses” that the tract of Edeleva belongs to the so-called “anomalous zones”.

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