The ancient temples of Greece

Greece is an amazing country, fanned by many myths and legends. Its heroic, full of victories and defeats of history, it seems, forever captured in its majestic architecture, which is an example of flawless form and high style for thousands of years. Architects and sculptors of Greece were able to reach unprecedented heights in architectural art and largely determined the character of the architecture of other countries, especially Italy and some parts of Asia.

Ancient temples and shrines

Central to the architecture of the ancient Greeks occupied the temples. The sanctuary of the gods, first built in the likeness of the dwellings of the Greeks, but later became a model for other buildings. The Greeks, more than any other nation in the world, humanized their gods, so the temples were very close to the people. Did not inspire awe and not scared off by their solemn grandeur. It was a simple rectangular building with spacious rooms without Windows, in which was housed a huge statue of the deity.


The interior was quite modest, because in many areas the input of ordinary people was prohibited, but the appearance of sanctuaries striking elegant forms, beautiful sculptural friezes and its massive, yet graceful columns. The latter were designed to visually enlarge the building, gave him a scale. The columns were beaten distinctive alimentacyjnego from three styles at different times prevailed in the architecture of Ancient Greece.

In the construction of each temple was attended by all inhabitants of the city, its construction and finish has spared no expense — marble, gold and other materials were transported from all over the country.

Doric columns were massive and severe, was crowned by friezes with different ornaments, for example the partially preserved temple of Zeus — Alipin. Later, from Asia to Greece came in Ionian style, more sophisticated, with various decorative elements. And the maximum the pomp and splendor distinguished the Corinthian style, then the columns were generously decorate sculptures with floral motifs.

In the construction of each temple was attended by all inhabitants of the city, its construction and finish has spared no expense — marble, gold and other materials were transported from all over the country. Each building was built more than a dozen years, had the project and the exact ratio of all proportions. The decoration of the churches did the best sculptors of state, decorative friezes, columns, sculptures and now amaze your perfect shapes and accurate details.

The temple of Zeus in Athens

What temples are worth a visit

The largest number of temples is concentrated, of course, in Athens. the most magnificent of which is the Parthenon, built in honor of the patron Saint of the town — warlike and the wise Athena. He has a number of unique architectural highlights, in particular, all the items in it relate to each other according to the principle of the Golden section. Today work is underway on the reconstruction. Here is the temple of Erechtheion, where, according to legend, there was a battle between Athena and Poseidon. The role of the colon in this Church fulfill the great sculptures of Caryatids.

Aside from all the others is small, but no less magnificent temple of the goddess of victory, Nike, and in it was a statue, which the Athenians had cut the wings never win from them away. Also, according to legend, this Church is home to king Aegeus waited for his son from a distant campaign, and tragically died by throwing himself into the abyss of the Aegean sea now.

Near the hill of the Acropolis is the Agora of a small mountain. on top of which is the temple of the fire God Hephaestus, he was the least subject to the influence of time and very well preserved until today. But if from the mountain down to the sea, you’ll find the ruins of the once beautiful temple of Poseidon. But even now this place fascinates with its beauty and picturesque scenery — one day it forever captivated Byron and was praised in many of his works.

The highest and monumental building is considered Olympion Athens, the sanctuary of the Supreme Olympic gods and the cradle of the Olympic games. Today it is in ruins, but well preserved columns indicate its former powerful glory.

Generally in every Greek city has an Acropolis, where it was partially preserved ancient temples which are evidence of high level of culture of the ancient Greeks, which allowed them more than two thousand years ago to build facilities worthy of admiration even in our age of high technology.

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