The fortress of Sacsayhuaman in Peru is a great construction of the Inca

In the XII century huge greatness in Peru reaches civilization of the Incas. Actually, the “Inka” was called the Governor of the existing Empire, descended from the sun God. Inca culture reflects the important influence of the sun. And, unsurprisingly, the main city of the Empire, Cusco, the stories were built of gold, symbolizing the sun. And humbly over the city towered the fortress of Sacsayhuaman.

The Construction Of Sacsayhuaman

In the General plan of the city, resembling a Puma, Sacsayhuaman was in place of teeth. The Incas it was called “the Head of the Puma”. Construction began in the XV century and ended when the eleventh Inca Huayna Capac (1493-1525 years), only taking about 50 years. The work of the Incas, compared to the construction of the ancient pyramids of Egypt and the great wall of China. Researchers estimate on the building was employed about 70 000 people.

With so many working the construction was carried out entirely by hand. The civilization of the Incas did not use wheels, therefore, rests on human shoulders. And the work was really heavy, used in the construction of huge stone blocks, reaching 350 tons. Delivery was performed exclusively to portage from local quarries. It is one thing to deliver, and another thing to install. The stones of the wall Saxamaphone pressed against each other, there is a legend that the Incas were able to melt the stone.

Description Sacsayhuaman

Just built three parallel lines of walls, each with a length of approximately 360 meters. Within the walls there are defensive bastions and gates, which during the attack was buried by stones. Here are the three towers, also serving as barracks for the defenders of the residents of Cusco.

With the arrival of the Spaniards towers destroyed. Conducted research in our time showed that under the towers housed a complex system of mazes, connecting them to the secret refuge of the ruling family, where she could take refuge in case of danger. Intricate and maze like passages also were taken to the palaces of Koricancha and Hurin Cuzco.

Adjacent to the walls of Sacsayhuaman is also the famous “Inca Throne” is carved into the rock seat. According to the stories, met the rise of the Inca himself, and in some celebrations it brought home the mummies of past rulers of the Empire.

Now the complex of the fortress of Sacsayhuaman every year on 24 June, the festival of the Sun, attracting thousands of inhabitants of our planet.

The object is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO

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