The Gothic cathedrals of Moscow

Have you ever gone to a tour of Moscow of different faiths? Indeed, apart from the usual Christian churches in Moscow have historic Lutheran and Anglican churches, the Catholic Church, from which captures the spirit. And whose story makes us think and better understand those who are their followers.

1) Cathedral Of The Immaculate Conception Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

This Cathedral is the most impressive Catholic Cathedral of Russia, where the services are held in different languages. It was built almost 10 years — from 1901 to 1911, the interior decoration was finished by 1917, At the Governor’s construction was carried out far from the center of Moscow and large Orthodox churches without towers and sculpted statues.

After the revolution, during the Soviet rule the Church was used as a hostel, then a scientific research Facility. Only since 1991, after a long struggle, it began to hold Catholic worship services, and since 1996 the Cathedral of the Immaculate conception of the virgin Mary still gave the Catholic Church. Three years it took to restore this gorgeous flying the Church building.

In September 2011 the Church celebrated its 100-years.

The Church is not only beautiful on the outside, it houses Russia’s largest organ and you can listen to charity concert of organ music. At the Cathedral there is a Church shop, a library, and the editors of “the Catholic Herald — the Light of the gospel”, blagotvoritelnye “Art of kindness”.

2) the Anglican Cathedral of St. Andrew

By 1870, the British community in Moscow has grown so that only the chapel could no longer accommodate all the parishioners. The question arose about the construction of a new Church. And now, after 14 years of the new Anglican Cathedral of St. Andrew (in honor of the Apostle Andrew, patron of Scotland) became the center of life of the adherents of the Anglican religious culture. For what would to look at the only Church of this kind, with the visit to Moscow was visited by the Queen of England.

Moscow’s Anglican Church was not only a place of prayer and worship and a centre of social life of the community. The Church building was a library, a meeting room, archive.

In the Soviet years the Cathedral has witnessed terrible events. With its towers, the Bolsheviks shot the troops of the provisional government, covering with blood the Church yard. From his store were stolen by the values of the community, and the priest was several times imprisoned, but he managed to survive and return to Britain.

In 1920 the Soviet power the Church was closed, like many other churches. Since 1921, the Church was granted to host the diplomatic representative of Finland in the USSR, then was used as a warehouse and dormitory. Since 1960, it houses a recording Studio “Melody”.

In 1991 we received permission to conduct worship services. And in 1994, during the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to Moscow, President Boris Yeltsin promised to return the Church to its rightful owner — the Anglican community.

Services are held in English only, and to come to them. In the rooms of the ward are Anglican-Orthodox education centre, library, Sunday school. The Parish Of St. Andrew supports Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund (ROOF) that helps pupils and graduates of orphanages.

3) Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul

The Church of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul was founded by Tsar Peter I in Moscow in 1694 for the Lutheran community. This Church burnt three times, but managed to recover. However, after a devastating fire in 1812, it was burned to the ground and recover already failed.

In 1818 in Starosadsky pereulok, not far from Pokrovka, began restructuring in neo-Gothic style one of houses under the Church. A year later it was consecrated.

In 1924, with the transfer of the capital from St. Petersburg to Moscow, the Cathedral became the main Lutheran Cathedral just of the Soviet Union. In Moscow was moved to a Church hall — the residence of the Bishop and the Supreme Church Council.But a few years later were suppressed and in 1936 the Church was closed.

The building was first a cinema “Arctic”, then the Studio “Filmstrip”.And only in 1998 the Cathedral was again handed over to the community. Began restoration of the building was restored gallery circling the room on the perimeter, made new and restored old doors, installed Underfloor heating beneath the new marble floors, installed a restored body, rebuilt the spire.

Today, the Church is acting, there are concerts of organ music. After all, one of its main values is the organ, built in 1898, one of the largest German firms of Wilhelm Sauer. Wonderful acoustics in the Church emphasizes the possibilities of the tool.

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