The great structures that were never built

If you are fond of alternative history, here’s a gem that you would definitely not thrown away. Some of the monuments of civilization were not built for challenging projects, others by chance, others have even been approved but have not been implemented.

The Palace Of Soviets, Moscow

Certainly the most ambitious of the planned constructions of communism. Whether it is completed, Moscow would not even new Rome, new Atlantis, and after some few decades Lenin would be in advertising given into the hand of a big Mac, and the building would become the greatest trading centre in the world.

The expected answer London know what. In the tender participated a lot of work, and the first prize got here this:

Another White house, Washington

As it turned out, the White house also there is no one version. As you can see from the image, the building could be more and more magnificent, while to the South it would be decorated with some semblance of fortification.

Another Sydney Opera house, Sydney

This design was presented in the form of a watercolor painting, drawing Eugene Hussena, and it is also not the only example. The Sydney Opera house was the variety of design options, from Soviet constructivism to okroplennyh 60s.

The elephant instead of the arc de Triomphe, Paris

It would be funny if in place of a triumphal arch adorned with big elephant by Charles Ribera. The project 1758 also provides for a system of internal and even underground interiors of the building.

Another Washington Monument, Washington

The Washington monument was a sort of Palace of Soviets for the US, only earlier. If you dig online, you can see the crazy sketches of magnificent buildings with General Washington at the top. However, here such a variant, inspired by ancient Greek buildings would look bad. He even won the first prize of the contest of 1846, but was never built.

Tower bridge, London

If you believe the sketches, many architects and engineers very much wanted to turn the tower bridge is not only an aesthetic but also a useful object. A bunch of movable structures (as in the sketch of F. J. Palmer 1886), the passenger station under the bridge, docks and more. Thank God the tower was built as we know it.

91-meter pyramid in Trafalgar square, London

Such borrowing or Asian, or North African cultures can attain in London in 1815. Good or bad, judge for yourself.

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