The great wall of China

The great wall of China is a monument that most wanted to see in China. The wall began to build in the III century BC the first Emperor of China Qin shihuang di. Wall then, of course, looked different, like most fortifications of the time, there was an earthwork.

The Chinese say that the construction of the wall, the Emperor had driven the people from all over the country and many of the builders perished. Legend has it that the corpses were rolled up in the Foundation wall. Our guide told us a legend about a girl whose fiance died on the construction of the wall. The girl was crying when she found out about the death of her lover, that part of the wall fell off.

Lev Gumilev in his book “History of Hun people” describes the creation of this defensive structure: “With enormous resources, Shih Huangdi decided to secure his Northern border, and undertook the construction of the great wall, separated China from the Eurasian steppes.Existing scattered the walls, it was decided to unite in one powerful chain of fortifications. The work was carried out day and night; when it became clear that people do not have enough, the construction was sent to prisoners of war and convicted criminals. Working conditions were extremely difficult, and a lot of corpses buried in the earth embankment walls.”

Great Chinese Strakonice didn’t protect China from the nomads, since it appeared that all of the armed forces of China is not enough to organize an effective defense on the wall. In fact, if each tower to put a small squad, the enemy will destroy him before the neighbors time to meet and to assist. If, however, to place less often large groups, we formed gaps through which the enemy can easily and quietly penetrate deep into the country. Fortress without defenders is not a fortress.”

However, one feature wall still served to defend the state from running away from it citizens. “The report of the official HOU Ina States that border tribes, oppressed by Chinese officials, slaves, criminals and the families of political emigrants only dream to flee abroad, saying that “the Huns are fun to live.” Through the wall, even unguarded, it was impossible to drag the horse, the movement in the Asian expanse was impossible. The same circumstance prevented the raids of small groups of nomads, constraining them to choose the paths for the attack on a settled area of China.

Lately it has become fashionable to deny all written sources used by past generations of historians, but if the European sources are often criticised for bias because of their correspondence by the Catholic Church, what we suspect China? From this are born of obscurantism and the theory that the wall was constructed by Mao TSE Tung, Genghis Khan is not a Mongol, and a typical European and other nonsense. For those who still believe that such books worthy of reading, I recommend to look here

Modern view of the Great wall of China of course acquired later, in the XVI century during the Ming dynasty. That was when construction began to use brick.

The Great wall of China can be reached from several places, and in some places there is even a cable car. We somehow brought on the steep climb. From the bottom it didn’t seem so terrible, after climbing mountain monastery in Greece – nonsense, I decided, but I was wrong.

The first span of the great wall of China gave me a hard time, the steps are uneven, narrow and there is a very high need to rise, almost it — how to climb the Eiffel tower without a lift. In the middle of the stairs between the first turrets I howled. “Go as much as you can, I can hardly leave” I said to her friend.

I climbed and climbed, stopping to catch my breath was a shame, because the Chinese regardless of age did not. They rose each at their own pace, a little slower, the elderly, children quickly. I periodically stopped ostensibly to take pictures. The higher I go, the less foreign tourists. As for the Chinese, they rose above all the others. Truly unsinkable nation.

Somewhere above gave a medal with the inscription – “You have overcome the Chinese wall” — I up to this point has not reached, but it was my friend. When she went down, I finished the fourth flight. Is there were not any. The descent was no less difficult than the ascent – especially when you consider that his legs were perestaralis.

When we descended, we met a Russian group. The young man, pointing to the wall saying, “great wall of China is crap, look over there, the power lines pulled.” In the mountains really were the anchor spans.

Wall made a great impression on me and, lifting her, I felt like a Chinese. And it needs to be tough and, no matter what to follow your goals. No wonder that before the Chinese wall is a chalkboard with the words of Mao: “You’re not a real Chinese, if not climbed the wall.”

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