The legacy of the Spacers or memories of the future

In a sensational film “memories of the future” – there are some interesting footage shot on one of the Islands of Polynesia.

In a sensational film “memories of the future” – there are some interesting footage shot on one of the Islands of Polynesia.

During the war, the Americans established it as a transit air base for bombing Japan. And after the war, when the Yankees left the base, aborigines were constructed on the island the idol, worshipped as a deity. It is a replica of the aircraft during wartime, only made of branches and reeds.

Polynesian aborigines it is not difficult to understand. Imagine: lived in the wild jungle tribe. All his culture is the ability to make primitive tools and hunt, build a fire to tell children the stories they heard from their fathers and grandfathers. And suddenly, near a large clearing with a roar sit big iron birds, and from them come the men in space suits and helmets. Well, what could it be in the eyes of the natives, completely unfamiliar with the achievements of civilization? Of course the phenomenon of the gods on a winged chariot that needed to immortalize for posterity. So they built their “straw” idol to worship.

But not attract led scientists in search of clues in the form of religious buildings of different faiths. Historians and researchers of anomalous phenomena for decades are wondering why the churches of different continents are building, as if aspiring to heaven. And with the beginning of the space age they have samples for comparison.

A famous Polish historian and journalist Lucian ZNICH writes: “of Course, we don’t know how could look like the spaceships of alien civilizations that visited in ancient times the Earth. But, based on current knowledge, it is logical to assume that this spacecraft was to consist of two parts. First, and basic, was designed for flights to marathon (interstellar) distances. Surely this part remained in earth orbit. But the second part of this ship was intended to fly in the sprint distance from orbit to Earth and back and even travel from continent to continent. And if so, then the outer shape was streamlined, so as soon as she provided the necessary aerodynamic properties, guaranteeing safety when passing through the dense layers of the atmosphere. Therefore, the chariot, from which came the gods, probably not much different from today’s space ships.”

In addition to the visual and sound effects accompanying the landing of these ships, our ancient ancestors probably remember the similarity of these “flying temples” of the towers, multi-stage, tapering upward shape, and also the streamlined, especially in the upper part of the structure.

After all, as in the case of the Polynesian natives. Since the gods appearing to humans, showed them his might and showered them with various benefits, learned a lot, and had such amazing ships it is sufficient to construct the same structure, so the gods returned to Earth and remained on it forever. And since the gods have visited all the continents, these structures appeared everywhere and began to multiply. Typical examples are the ancient tombs in the valley of Cedron near Jerusalem in ancient Phoenicia. The first reminds us space rocket capsule “Gemini”, and the second Soviet spaceship “Vostok”.

Of course, it’s not just about these two tombs, and on all religious buildings of the world. But whether withstand the fragile Foundation of this hypothesis the scale? But the foundations are ancient Buddhist buildings called stupas. Many of them are already crumbling ruins. Typically, they are cylindrical in shape and crowned with semi-circular domes. These structures have no internal rooms they are monolithic, and, therefore, are for the followers of Buddhism only external symbols.

What is it? Experts say different. Some, for example, believe that during the evolution of the dome in the shape of a hemisphere gradually acquired the features of buildings in Baroque style, surmounted by a spire, and is nothing more than a mock rocket.

With other religious buildings, it looks much more interesting and compelling. One of the proofs of the correctness of the hypothesis are the Brahman of the pagoda in India. They are placed on large wooden platforms with wheels and are called ” Vimana “, which means “God’s chariot”.

Another striking example of the Sofia Cathedral in Istanbul. It was built in 537 a year and a half Millennium dome was considered a model for religious construction. But for 15 centuries it has undergone “revolutionary” changes, which became the temple of an enemy to Christianity God Allah. During this time, the beautiful dome was added four beautiful minarets, which strikingly resemble modern space rocket. Hence, in the VI century of our era, people continued to use the Church architecture of the space symbols. It is not excluded that in the middle East, these structures were created under the influence of Indian culture. It is known that the ancient Indian Emperor Ashoka in the third century BC for propagation of Buddhism sent missionaries to the West.

The successor of Constantinople was Russian Orthodox Christianity, whose symbol became bulbous dome. Later they appeared in Muslim Iran. This dome is very similar to the spaceship first generation after its release from the dense layers of the atmosphere. On the Ground he closed streamlined casing. And such a casing similar to the conical crown of the Church, which the Russian stone architecture in the XVI century, was borrowed from the wooden architecture. By the way, and bell towers of the Catholic churches are also reminiscent by its shape of a space rocket.

The origin of temple constructions from the spacecraft proved and terminology. Each Church is divided into “compartments”, which in all European languages are called “ship” (Latin navis, nave English, French nef, Russian nave).

All these Sumerian temple buildings, ancient Hindu stupa, the Catholic and Orthodox bell tower and Muslim minarets is nothing like scattered across the globe prove the correctness of the hypothesis that the prototype of the cult buildings were alien spaceships. If we add to this the many facts of archaeology and history, there is an almost complete mosaic of the spacers of visits to Earth in ancient times.

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