The Shaitan-the lake and other mysterious places

However, skepticism sharply disappears, when you find yourself in one of these places. True the cell phone suddenly shuts off and doesn’t want to respond to nerve pressing on the red button.

Like the camera continues to work, but then, on the “mainland”, when viewing found interesting things: here you enter the forest to capture the abnormal area… and darkness, as long as you’re there. And then you come out of the woods. And cheerful camera again captures everything around you.

In General, until you see, not believe.

The village Okunevo and the Shaitan-the lake

Near the city of Omsk, the regional center Muromtsevo, is the famous village of Okunevo, which is famous in itself and in its environs are happening strange things. We can say that this is one big anomalous zone. People – locals and tourists – can you see UFOs, you hear strange sounds arise in the sky the whole painting – race horses, girl dance, jingle bells. And suddenly disappear and appear (or not appear).

Around the village there are four lake – Shaitan, fee, Linevo, Shchuchye. There is a legend that there is a fifth lake, so to speak, “the fifth element” which hides. And if you find it, the mixture of water of the five lakes will receive the properties of this “living water” that could cure any illness. And while the incredible healing properties of pripisivati and mud from the Shaitan-lake. According to witnesses, these substances are able to cure tuberculosis and other diseases of the respiratory tract and the musculoskeletal system.

But not only the curative effect of the Shaitan-lake. It is observed in its vicinity the most hard-to-explain phenomena – distinct vision of the type of UFOs and other “pictures” there are not uncommon. Although one explanation for this anomaly is still there. Wetlands, low-lying lake shores and in its waters under the influence of specific bacteria decompose large amounts of algae and marsh grasses, which leads to the fact that in calm weather there is accumulated marsh gas. This gas causes poisoning of the body, hallucinations and fainting. And in windy weather the gas spreads further, though not in such consistency. So vision can perfectly wear the hallucinogenic nature.

But the disappearances and the sudden appearance explanations lend themselves poorly. It is believed that near the village Okunevo intersect a fracture in the earth’s crust, which leads to the fact that there is open space-time channels that are the gateway to parallel worlds, to other dimensions, where you can briefly get into, and it is possible there and not to come back.

In General, the place is considered almost the “cradle of civilizations”. It is believed that it is here that once was home to several civilizations that disappeared as suddenly as Atlantis. And it is here that the world will be reborn when the rest of the continents will be under water. This opinion did Okunevo a place of pilgrimage for adherents of different faiths, religions and teachings.

The Dyatlov pass, or the Mountain of the dead

Another mysterious and scary place is the Mountain of the dead (it consists Sahel). This place is located in the North of the Urals, on the border of Komi and Sverdlovsk area. The glory of the “bad seat” Woe brought climbing in February 1959, a group of Igor Dyatlov. It gave the mountain a second name – the Dyatlov pass.

The tourists were nine. Maybe if it was ten, nothing would have happened. But at the last moment of the tenth member of the climb refused to go – he has strongly ached feet. And comrades left him in the village of Vijay. The ascent is not going to be difficult, and even more tragic. Night fell, and tourists, finding a flat area, set up camp. More alive no one has seen them.

What happened that winter night, nobody knows. When the group found, ask there was nobody. The impression that tourists something or someone very much scared. People, peacefully sleeping, jumped up, cut his tent, unable to find a way out, and rushed down the hill in a chaotic manner. All the victims were white, with faces, distorted with terror. On their bodies there was no external damage – scratches and abrasions, but one girl was absent language, and another three had broken ribs and a punctured head. The others simply froze. On the clothes of two dead criminologists have found radiation in huge doses. All the dead skin was a strange reddish-purple color (according to other sources – orange-red). The investigation has spawned many versions, but was never completed.

On the Mountain of the dead began to calm down. She continued to gather his bloody harvest – above it crashed a few planes, which were the crews and passengers of number 9 people. Missing or killed tourist groups from 9 people.

There is a legend that this is due to the fact that once on the Mount of the dead were killed nine hunters-Muncie, which was the cause of the name of the mountain, and that any group of nine people, when hit by this anomalous zone are at risk.

Lake Pleshcheevo and the Blue stone

Near the town of Pereslavl-Zalessky splashing of the lake Pleshcheyevo. In General, no notable water body, such in Russia thousand. But there on the shore of one attraction – the Blue stone, so called because he is blue.

For many centuries he was worshipped, around him danced, it was decorated and offered a sacrifice. It was believed that the stone takes the innermost desires. And it also wouldn’t be so noteworthy if not for the “behavior” of this stone.

Many Church leaders tried to get rid of it, stamping out paganism in Rus. First, the Blue stone dropped in a deep hole and buried it. But after a while he “got out” – appeared on the surface of its “head”, and then the entire stone.

Then he decided “to put at the service of the” Church, buried at the base of the bell tower. But here the stone behaved like a living creature – when transporting across the lake, he broke the planks of the boat (according to another legend – the ice beneath the sled) and sank at a depth of 5 meters. To get it and failed. Gradually, however, the stone itself began to move towards the shore. And was back in a familiar place.

However, the stone is moving slowly. To return to your seat, it requires from 50 to 150 years. But what is time compared to a miracle?

And lies the Blue stone on the shore of lake Pleshcheyevo and say, as before, grants treasured desires.

Dancing forest of Curonian spit

Dancing forest, located on the Russian territory of the Curonian spit got its name for a reason. Incredibly twisted pines are the most interesting and, in General, eerie sight. What are the only names no locals give outstanding tree: devil horns, the gate of the devil, the witch ring. But just half a century ago, then landed a perfectly normal trees, and they grew up absolutely correctly. From time to time. And now they can see the tree trunk which forms a ring, some have two, and even three intricately curved trunk. Around the same – very ordinary, slender pines that tower into the sky.

Curonian anomaly defies explanation. There is only a hypothesis that at this point twisted two energy flow. However, unlike many other anomalies, the Dancing forest is not fraught with threats. And tourists willingly photographed against the backdrop of crooked trees. Moreover, it is believed that if you go through the same round barrel witch’s ring will be happy and lucky. But the attempts schastlivits strictly follow the servants of the sanctuary – many trees are protected, so that tourists do not damage.

Miracles in Voronezh

Incidentally, such “Dancing forest” not only in the Curonian spit. So, in Voronezh, on the banks of the Voronezh reservoir in exactly the same twisted pine. But the anomalies do not consider this forest. Moreover, part of this forest, unfortunately, died a few years ago a forest fire significantly reduced the number of dancing trees.

But on the Khoper river, which flows in the Voronezh region, near the town of Novokhopersk has its own famous anomalous zone – Gelter. There are regularly “pop up” in the air phantoms – ghostly reflections of the events that happened at this place many years ago. Most often then there are “echoes” of the great Patriotic war – soldiers with tents, airplanes, fighting.

Happen here and other anomalous phenomena – people lose their orientation on the ground, faltering electronic equipment, sometimes there is strange glow and balls similar to ball lightning, but not being. It is believed that Zeltar is located at the intersection of two geological faults, which contributes to the overlap from one time period to another and the occurrence of other miracles.

However, miracles are not the only thing this place is famous. Here, more than in other places, happen a car crash, but the pilots of the aircraft difficult to control a flying machine – as they say some of them, the jets chasing glowing orbs that behave intelligently. They just fly around, not trying to approach or attack. Balls like watching planes. Connect it with electromagnetic fields and their interactions with each other.

Naturally, mysterious places in Russia is much more, and in one article about all will not tell. So we will return to this topic.

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