The tallest tower in the world

Attraction height

Know, that unites the romantics and thrill-seekers? They are always attracted by all that is breathtaking. This love, passion, speed, altitude and more. Maybe just a little in different ways. And height – especially. Remember, as the heart stopped the first time you rode on the Ferris wheel or went to the observation deck multi-level buildings. Imagine what you will feel when your floors will take you to the tallest tower in the world. Many country openly and not really compete with each other in absolute value “growth” of buildings. For many (administration of the state, designers, builders, owners) it is a matter of prestige and the aspect that often draw the attention of tourists. Someone is enjoying the altitude in flight on the aircraft or the hang glider, and someone builds incredible skyscrapers. As they say, someone that.

Burj Dubai is today the tallest tower in the world

Once in the United Arab Emirates found a number of coveted deposits, the country began to understand a lot about money, luxury and the most that neither is, full of life. Began to be erected buildings in accordance with the latest building trends. What’s the building – the whole city! Dubai is one of them, a young, beautiful and luxurious. Those who managed to go there, happy to support such a characterization. And now, in 2010 here torzhestvennaya opened the incredible beauty and height of the tower – Burj Khalifa. From the bottom to the top it has almost eight hundred and fifty meters and one hundred sixty-three floors. Today it is the tallest tower in the world. She herself can be called an independent city. Here is sorokaletiya hotel, the designer which was made by the master Giorgio Armani. In his honor she named. In the building are residential apartments, of which the tallest tower in the world holds as many as nine hundred pieces. Here at high speed carry its passengers for nearly sixty elevators, driving with transfers and without them on 163 floors. At different levels of the building are offices, shopping centers and entertainment facilities. The tower, which was designed by Americans and built by specialists and workers from South Korea, to date, have installed a huge number of records.

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