The tragic message of ancient

The Sphinx looks at the City of the Gods

I have a friend. His name Vassiliev Yury Ivanovich Vasiliev works at the all-Russian center of eye and plastic surgery chief engineer, although higher education has, as they say, the institutions were not finished. But it’s the people that grade or sort, about which people say Russian is a Lefty. Yuri Ivanovich Vasiliev of the English language, of course, does not know, but surprisingly, he quite easily is guided in guide devices in English and establishes them so that we have a huge set of sophisticated imported medical equipment, for many years, never called for foreign service.

Yuri Ivanovich Vasiliev

Flash probably right, he muttered under his breath, making the device confusing and the pronunciation of the English word flash (flush), that means flash.

Yuri Ivanovich came to us when we were nobody and nothing, and since he works for us. Yuri Ivanovich, of course, was drinking, but I quit and says that forever. We are great friends and “you”, but he always calls me “chief”.

My surgical instruments sharpening only Yuri Ivanovich, often swearing about the quality of the steel.

What steel, what steel! I they, the manufacturers,call and say that the steel for the eye of the tool should be strong, very strong. And they say about steel grades are justified, but any techie needs to feel like steel to the touch, to feel, what it is strong or not strong, often laments Yuri honing tool. Yuri Ivanovich Vasiliev, of course, brands have become well-versed. But it is a sort of seventh sense is able to determine the quality of steel and is able to do it accurately. I was always surprised by his ability, which seemed strange and unusual.

Yuri Ivanovich, how do you determine the quality of the steel and, in fact, the quality of the sharpening tool? remember, I asked him.

Hell if I know, chief! I don’t know, feel the steel, strong or not. Back a sense of feel. What’s so strange? Say, there, inside the pyramids themselves sharpened tools. Touch the tool, thoughtful, carefully think about, and feel is: if a good tender feeling the steel is good, if bad feeling is a bad steel. Sturdy steel always gives a good feeling.

Sturdy pyramid

I do not remember exactly, I think, in 1989, the three of us, Yuri Ivanovich Vasiliev, I Yusupovich Amir Salikhov surgeon and Deputy Director of our center, went to Egypt to conduct eye surgeries on our technology “Alloplant”. We salihovi operated, and Yuriy helped us, setting up operating microscope. When I got a free day, we were taken to the Egyptian pyramids on an excursion.

The pyramids of Giza, especially the great pyramid, amazed us with its grandeur. We all involuntarily fell silent, apparently lost in such deep feelings that we thought came from the very beginning of human existence. These feelings were pleasant and at the same time was unusually grandiose character, associated with the feeling that you people are not just a speck of dust, and constitute a worthy part of the universe. These feelings were like dreams, but they had a specific historical connotation, as if acknowledging the greatness of man. Amir Salikhov was looking intently downward, and Yuri Ivanovich tugged at the earlobe…

Sir, please, buy it (Sir, please buy it), a voice annoying the merchant Souvenirs, which, like the taxi drivers in Moscow, attacking any foreigner.

Go to hell, go away, you know, go away, I angrily said Yuri Ivanovich.

Take, very good (very very good), echoed the merchant, slipping under the nose of Yuri some kind of statuette.

Veri chip (very cheap), veri, veri chip. In English we have to say, Yura, say “no” or “go”, recommended Amir Salikhov.

Know, I tell you, said Yuri Ivanovich.

We approached the pyramid of Cheops. Huge stone blocks with the highest accuracy stacked on top of each other, the simplicity and monumentality of a design first of all drew attention to themselves.

Egyptian pyramids

“Who built it? People, or what?” thought I, touching, and feeling somehow my own stupidity. The feeling of stupidity was so obvious and obnoxious that I clearly drew attention to it. At the time I didn’t realize that the pyramids on Earth perform very diverse functions, one of which comes down to the earth contact of the mind with the cosmic mind.

Amir, George, I, for some reason, I feel very stupid that I said.

Both looked at me with surprise, but said nothing. Yuri Ivanovich Vasiliev clicked on the pyramid, tapped it with a finger, hesitated and said:

Strong… strong pyramid.

At this point, I, despite a surging feeling of self-stupidity, I seemed to be happy to stand next to the great pyramid that me, country boy, happened to be in her presence and feel its magnificent effect. I felt significant, large and… at the same time very stupid. I imagined that the pyramid looks at me, digging into my brain.

Sturdy pyramid

Willpower expelling sentimental thoughts, I asked:

What did you say, Yuri?

Strong pyramid, say, very strong.

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