TOP 10 most ancient civilizations in the world

Training meticulously collect data about our ancestors. Research suggests that at different times our planet was inhabited by a mysterious civilization. Some of them exceed us in the technical and scientific achievements. About other peoples heated debates, whether they were actually. Let’s dive into the mysterious facts. studying the TOP 10 most ancient civilizations in the world.

1. Lemuria

Most researchers consider it the first civilization that arose more than 80 thousand years ago. She was a powerful, developed and survived for over 50 thousand years. The cause of her destruction were the strongest earthquakes. The people of Mu knew the laws of the Universe and the Earth. In 28 years, every resident had already mastered all the wisdom. The people of Lemuria were able to erect buildings out of the rocks that had withstood the earthquake.

2. Atlantis

One of the most controversial civilizations, as scientists, have not decided about its existence. The first mention found in records of Plato. They mentioned that near the Strait of Gibraltar existed, the Atlantis that sank in a strong earthquake. Its people were famous for their high level of knowledge and technological development that exceed the current achievements.

3. The Indian Empire of Rama

Most of the buildings located on the ocean floor, and the rest dispersed across the jungles of India. Despite this modern country took a lot from their ancestors. The city of the ancient Empire amazing organization, especially the ancient sewer system. It arose several thousand years ago.

4. The Civilization Of Osiris

It was located in a large valley on the site of the modern Mediterranean basin. The people of Osiris are the ancestors of ancient Egypt. Civilization has reached heights in construction since learned how to erect megalithic buildings that can withstand earthquakes. The locals knew about electricity, used transport inventions that moved through the air and the ground. It is believed that the civilization of Osiris died as a result of flooding.

5. Uygur

It was situated on the site of the modern Gobi desert and existed in the times of Atlantis. To date, significant findings, evidence of its existence, was not found. There are only ancient records that speak of aircraft of civilization, which was called vimanam.

6. Tiahuanaco

Applied construction technology of ancient peoples has led to the fact that buildings of that period still exist. In this case, young building, recently erected by the Spaniards, is already destroyed. It is believed that the people of Tiahuanaco were killed as a result of displacement of poles, which has led to climate change.

7. Maya

It is impossible to present the TOP 10 most ancient civilizations in the world without this tribe. Know about it all thanks to their predictions and achievements. Unusual pyramids built during the time of their existence. The tribe had a good knowledge of mathematics and astronomy. There is an opinion that in three places in the world are the Maya Scriptures that will shed light on their knowledge and talk about other civilizations.

8. Ancient China

Its beginning was part of the Pacific continent of Mu. Civilization was famous for interesting discoveries. In their Scripture tells of a heavenly chariot. Today proved that ancient people invented toilet paper, rockets, aluminum tape.

9. Ancient Israel and Ethiopia

Its people were famous for their high technological achievements. Scientists surprised by many discoveries of the peoples of those times. For example, the temple in Jerusalem was located on the hewn stones, which are similar to the buildings in Baalbek.

10. Kingdom Of The Sun

The submersion of Lemuria under the water led to the formation of Islands in the Pacific ocean. On them settled peoples Area. They excelled in the building and left behind pyramids, roads, statues. Found constructions reach the age 7-13 thousand years.

What other Nations existed on the Earth, and whether they were in fact, scientists have yet to unravel. But, we can conclude that our ancestors were powerful and educated people.

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